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Re: Debian 9 tftp issue

Catalin Soare wrote:

> However, I can still not test to get a file, even with the tftp-hpa client
> on the machine where I'm hosting the VM.
> Anyway, thank you guys very much! Maybe with time and experiments I'll
> figure it out :)

I use few virtual and physical machines diskless and they boot via PXE - see
the links below.

1. You have to configure at least dhcp and nfs properly.


 host vmware3 {
    hardware ethernet 00:50:............;
    fixed-address 192.168..........;
    option host-name "vmware3";
    filename "pxelinux.0";
#tftp server
    next-server 192.168.xxx.xxx;
root-path "192.168.xxx.xxx:/opt/remote/nfsroot/stretch-amd64,retry=3,rsize=8192,wsize=8192";

2. you need to setup the kernel boot parameters

3. and of course have a usable initram disk image


good luck

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