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Re: Debian 9 tftp issue

On 22.11.2017 22:03, Catalin Soare wrote:
> However, this means that even though tftpd-hpa is running, it's not
> bound to the port 69? Or at least it's not "listening"; this seems to be
> what the netstat output is saying (there's no "listening" on the line
> with tftpd).

That's normal behavior for netstat and UDP ports. My nameserver for example:

tcp        0      0   *
   LISTEN      25         13544      3208/named
udp        0      0   *
               25         13543      3208/named

> Any ideas if I might have to do any additional configuration for
> tftpd-hpa? Or maybe use another tftpd server that has some logging that
> I could rely on?

You can add (multiple) -v switches to TFTP_OPTIONS for turning on more
verbose logging.

best regards

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