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Re: Debian 9 tftp issue

On Nov 22, 2017 22:42, "Ulf Volmer" <u.volmer@u-v.de> wrote:
On 22.11.2017 21:24, Catalin Soare wrote:

> udp        0      0 <>             
>*                           1117/in.tftpd       

> :~$ nc -vz lab 69
> lab.home.org <http://lab.home.org> [] 69 (?) : Connection
> refused

As you can see in the netstat output, tftpd is using UDP but your netcat
tool tries to connect to 69/tcp. add -u to your nc args.

best regards

Ah, yes you're right! Thanks!
I wasn't checking it correctly!

Now it says the port is open. This rules out the firewall.

However, this means that even though tftpd-hpa is running, it's not bound to the port 69? Or at least it's not "listening"; this seems to be what the netstat output is saying (there's no "listening" on the line with tftpd).

Any ideas if I might have to do any additional configuration for tftpd-hpa? Or maybe use another tftpd server that has some logging that I could rely on?

Catalin Soare

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