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Re: Gnome desktop almost totally unresponsive in Jessie

On 11/8/17, 10:55 AM, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
The output of 'ps aux', 'iostat', and 'free -m' would help identify the
problem.  Also, 'cat /proc/mdstat' if you have a RAID setup.
. . .

After a mostly-off-List discussion with Mr. Sanchez, I gave up and did a "shutdown -r" on the system.

After a re-IPL, Gnome was back to gnormal, and everything else was back up as well.

It's not like it's an AS/400, or even a state-of-the-art Linux box, that's designed to run for years at a time without an IPL -- it's an old Dell PowerEdge 400SC.

And I'd forgotten: it DOES have RAID: a hardware RAID controller with two mirrored pairs on it.

No sign of damage to the mirrored pairs, but a full cold-start might be necessary to be sure of that, if not an actual controller-level diagnostic.


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