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Re: removing of sddm (debian 9 -kde5) to start in console mode then startx to start kde5

> [ It might be clearer to write "Desktop Environment" (or DE) instead
> of "desktop manager" because of the latter's having the same initials
> as Display Manager (or DM). ]

You are right.

> That said, what are the advantages of running a DM in your case,
> compared with using startx? One big disadvantage has already been
> mentioned (that Linux Consoles rely on particular drivers far less
> than X does).

I use more than one X session. startx would work just as good but then
I will not know how to commute between sessions. The Ctrl-Alt-Fx or
Shift-Fx would not work since startx starts the X on a higher
terminal... If I press Ctrl-Alt-F1 I do not have a way to return to X.
I have to kill the X and type startx again. I never studied startx
carefully, I just rely on xdm that I fully configured. 


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