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Re: non-free firmware not found despite unofficial CD

David Wright wrote:

> Perhaps someone (me?) needs to explain that
> when you do what Brian asks, nothing happens
> to the installation you've already done.
> The network configuration is done right near
> the start, before the partitioning and before
> the installation of anything on the
> computer's disks. You're just carrying out
> the preliminaries.
> So you can do it right now. When done, either
> select the menu selection to abandon the
> install, or just hard power-off the machine.

OK! You were right, I didn't know that.

Ironic thing is, I went to do this in another
building, and there, the DHCP didn't fail with
ordinary Ethernet! So I just installed the
system. Remember first thing I said with
another Debian computer, Ethernet worked, only
I had to do 'dhclient eth0' every time?
Perhaps that was what didn't make DHCP possible
on the install machine. With this other
connection, there were no problems! God willing
everything will run fine from now on.
Thanks for all the help :)

underground experts united

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