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Re: Recommended editor for novice programmers?

On 09/06/2017 11:13 AM, Ben Finney wrote:
Johann Spies <johann.spies@gmail.com> writes:

Some alternatives which (some of them may have been mentioned in this

Atom - a fairly new and versatile one as far as I know
PyCharm (not a native Debian Package) but very nice to debug Python
with. The community edition is free.
Bluefish (especially when editing html files).

Atom is free. It has an enormous dependency tree, so not yet in Debian.

Bluefish is free. It is in Debian for a long time now.

PyCharm is not free. Its community edition is zero-cost, though still
not free.

There are so many entries on this thread that I might be repeating some one. If so, I apologize. That said, I think the editor you use is dependent on the type of programming you are doing. First Emacs is a barrel of snakes as for as I am concerned. Hard core programmers may like it but us light weight programmers don't. I have had good luck with Kate, Bluefish, Spyder and Code::Block. Each has its good and bad points and the points shift depending whether you are doing C / C++, Fortran or a scripting language like python. The best choice is usually an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the particular language you are using. I hope this is helpful.

Good Luck

Gary R.

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