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Java perspective missing in Eclipse 3.8.1-10


It was almost a year ago when I last used Eclipse to work on some Java projects and everything was going fine.
Today, it freezed on its splash screen on every launch.
I first removed ~/.eclipse to no avail.
When I removed path/to/my/workspace/.metadata Eclipse did open a fresh window where I should have been able to re-create my Java project ... unless there was no way to initiate Java projects anymore.
I purge eclipse and its dependencies :
# apt-get autoremove eclipse* --purge

Then did a fresh install :
$ dpkg -l eclipse* | grep ^ii
ii eclipse 3.8.1-10 all Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE ii eclipse-jdt 3.8.1-10 all Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT) ii eclipse-pde 3.8.1-10 amd64 Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) ii eclipse-platform 3.8.1-10 amd64 Eclipse platform without development plug-ins ii eclipse-platform-data 3.8.1-10 all Eclipse platform without development plug-ins (data) ii eclipse-rcp 3.8.1-10 amd64 Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP)

Still, there is no way to generate a java project.
Did I overlooked anything ?

I'am running debian testing.

Thanks in advance for any hint.


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