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Re: WLAN laufende Qualitaetsmessung

On 2017-06-25, Hans <hans.ullrich@loop.de> wrote:
> I read the original post now (in German, and as I am German, no problem).
> In his case I think "kismet" is a good start. So he can see, if there are 
> other AP on the same frequency. I also suggest "wavemon", which shows all AP 
> and its strenth.
> If the neighbour is sending weired pckages (maybe with aireplay-ng, who 
> knows), then wireshark or tshark is working fine for it. Also you have then 
> evidence for his doings, which is illegal (here in Germany). 
> Maybe also the package "horst" is also helpful, which is designed for excactly 
> these issues: check your traffic. (I have never used it for now).

Was ist mit den hunden? 

> Hope this helps
> Best regards
> Hans

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