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Re: How to set ISO date/time with en_US.utf8 as system default?

On 2017-05-27, Curt <curty@free.fr> wrote:
> On 2017-05-27, gwmfms6@openmailbox.org <gwmfms6@openmailbox.org> wrote:
>>> Define "appears to not be working." Anyhow, I believe someone here can
>>> help you with this if only they'll pipe up (and you stop top-posting).
>>> ;-)
>> "Top-posting" is putting my writing above the quote? this is frowned 
>> upon? (or you were joking?). I wasn't aware top-posting was bad. I'll 
>> stop doing it.
> Normally, you should "interleave" your responses, trimming the material
> not pertinent to your reply. 
> I say this because bottom-posting (like bottom-fishing--well, not
> precisely) in which the poster quotes (following others of his ilk) an
> entire thread in order to make one superfluous comment at the bottom is
> just as bad, if not worse (I think its worse), although the behavior is
> seldom reprimanded.

"It might be a vision--of a shell, of a wheelbarrow, of a fairy kingdom on the
far side of the hedge; or it might be the glory of speed; no one knew." --Mrs.
Ramsay, speculating on why her little daughter might be dashing about, in "To
the Lighthouse," by Virginia Woolf.

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