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Re: How to set ISO date/time with en_US.utf8 as system default?

On 2017-05-27, gwmfms6@openmailbox.org <gwmfms6@openmailbox.org> wrote:
>> Define "appears to not be working." Anyhow, I believe someone here can
>> help you with this if only they'll pipe up (and you stop top-posting).
>> ;-)
> "Top-posting" is putting my writing above the quote? this is frowned 
> upon? (or you were joking?). I wasn't aware top-posting was bad. I'll 
> stop doing it.

Normally, you should "interleave" your responses, trimming the material
not pertinent to your reply. 

I say this because bottom-posting (like bottom-fishing--well, not
precisely) in which the poster quotes (following others of his ilk) an
entire thread in order to make one superfluous comment at the bottom is
just as bad, if not worse (I think its worse), although the behavior is
seldom reprimanded.

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