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Re: How to set ISO date/time with en_US.utf8 as system default?

On 2017-05-27 10:20, Curt wrote:
On 2017-05-27, gwmfms6@openmailbox.org <gwmfms6@openmailbox.org> wrote:

This definitely explains the problem (Thanks for contributing!), but I
don't think it's a real solution because changing the Gnome region like described (although it does change LC_TIME) changes other variables (in
addition to LC_TIME) that make no sense for the United States (eg.,

Denmark does LC_NUMERIC wrong (using a comma where there should be a
decimal point). The United States does LC_TIME and LC_MEASUREMENT wrong.

Holy Jesus.

I want to make everything proper and swapping to all en_DK variables
fixes some things but not others. The only proper solution is to:

1) be able to change individual variables within Gnome (which I don't
think is possible in current gnome)

2) create my own locale, which I do not know how to do. I've found two
guides (linked below) for doing it but neither of them worked for me (I
think the part about using localedef appears to not be working.)


Define "appears to not be working." Anyhow, I believe someone here can
help you with this if only they'll pipe up (and you stop top-posting).


"Top-posting" is putting my writing above the quote? this is frowned upon? (or you were joking?). I wasn't aware top-posting was bad. I'll stop doing it.

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