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Re: How to set ISO date/time with en_US.utf8 as system default?

On 2017-05-27 10:49, Frank wrote:
Op 27-05-17 om 14:33 schreef gwmfms6@openmailbox.org:
Denmark does LC_NUMERIC wrong (using a comma where there should be a decimal point).
Really? When did Denmark start using a decimal point instead of a comma?


A lot of Europe does it, and it is wrong! It goes back quite a while to when it was fashionable to use a dot (.) as a symbol for multiplication. So Europe stopped using a dot to signal a decimal point to avoid confusion (they should have stopped stopped using a dot as a symbol for multiplication). In the U.S. and G.B. an X was used for multiplication symbol so they continued on using a dot for decimal (as it should be).

God help the United States though with its continual reliance on the Imperial system for measurement and it's crazy date/time setup.

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