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Re: Oh no something has gone wrong! after reinstalling Debian and Gnome.

Greg Wooledge composed on 2017-05-24 16:54 (UTC-0400):

> You'll need to do an "apt-get dist-upgrade" to bring in the 4.9.0-3-amd64
> kernel package, but I don't expect that will have any effect on your
> current problem.

Certainly possible. His kernel was compiled 30 March. -3 was compiled 3 May. I
just installed it, but /requirement/ of "apt-get dist-upgrade" is technically
incorrect. I just did it this way just minutes ago:

	apt dist-upgrade


Anil's log from about 3+ hours ago shows he's using the modeset(0) Xorg driver

He still hasn't reported which video player(s) cause his trouble.

Installation of IceWM takes less than 8MB of disk space. Using it

	startx /usr/bin/icewm

to run his player(s) should tell whether the playback performance problem is in
Gnome or elsewhere.
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