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Re: stretch and cryptsetup/luks - boot delay

andy wrote:

> i'm hoping i'm missing something obvious.  thanks in advance!

I don't know if I can help. I am still on jessie, but here are some thoughts

> ::::::::::::::
> /etc/crypttab
> ::::::::::::::
> sda5_crypt UUID=08d8147c-a06c-4746-827f-d720b1f5d738 none luks,discard

What happens if you add the tries option here?

sdb2_crypt UUID=c3063f61-b2d8-4bbe-9c73-0dd04cb1f4b8 none 

and did you update your initrd ? I advice to do it after changing anything
related to crypted root partition as those config files are added to the

what if you disable CRYPTDISKS_ENABLE  in /etc/default/cryptdisks (and
update initrd)

the rest is to see whats in systemd around it


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