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Re: How to run Debian from SD card but booting from USB stick?

Błażej Popławski wrote:

> I saw that someone wrote, that the drivers for SD are loaded at the
> booting time, so I assume that it should be straightforward: install
> OS (Debian) on SD with /boot and bootloader on USB stick. Without any
> additional work.

We've said that boot should be on USB as well

> I've done it once but it didn't started and in the act of anger I
> formatted both, SD and USB stick. Then I realized that I didn't set
> the boot flag for USB. :)

no surprise here
BTW boot flag shouldn't be an issue, but it depends on the bios.

> Installation took long hours (I read something about that issue) and
> for now I don't have the time to repeat that process.

Different issue.

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