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Re: How to run Debian from SD card but booting from USB stick?

Brian wrote:

> it will work for Debian. The answer is "probably" but it is questionable
> whether the advice to alter the initrd on the SD card need be followed.
> Perhaps it was necessary for the Ubuntu kernel at the time the article
> was written. The hardware involved would have to be known to more
> definitive.

It will work definitely the same way as it is described in this Ubuntu
As the article states, if your laptop can boot from SD no work is needed.
If it works or not, you'll find right after you reboot ;-)

> Debian would need to be installed to the SD card and the *same" Debian
> installed to the USB stick. lsinitramfs will help confirm whether needed
> modules are in an initrd.

Not the same debian - you can install on the SD card and move or copy just
the boot directory to the usb, so that grub and pre init can do the work.


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