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Re: How to run Debian from SD card but booting from USB stick?

On Thu 11 May 2017 at 23:04:29 +0200, deloptes wrote:

> Błażej Popławski wrote:
> > I have a laptop which allows for booting from USB sticks but not from
> > internal SD card reader.
> > Is it possible to install Debian on SD card with /boot catalog and
> > bootloader on USB stick in such a way that it would work? I mean: boot
> > Debian from USB stick, but the whole system will be installed and will run
> > from SD card inserted
> > in internal SD card reader?
> > I've found such solution for Ubuntu
> > (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot
> > <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot=>FromSD) and I'm wondering if it
> > will work for Debian.
> You need the bootloader on the usb stick (grub). The bootloader would pass
> the loading of the kernel and initrd to the device where it is located. So
> it is advisable to put your boot directory on the usb stick as well. When
> you create the initrd, you should enable/include the drivers for the card
> reader, so that the boot process may find the root file system and start
> init/systemd 

Would creating an initrd really be necessary?


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