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Re: Using 2nd monitor with Stretch and MATE desktop

Richard Owlett composed on 2017-05-09 13:59 (UTC-0500):

> Felix Miata wrote:

> I'm not afraid of the command line ;/
>> Properly configured, what shows up on the external display should be
>> controlled by moving the mouse pointer toward the part of the laptop
>> screen you wish to see on the VGA screen.
> OK that tells me that what I want is possible.
> It also suggests that what I want is a reasonable approximation of SOP.
> When I adjust items in Systems->Preferences->Hardware->Displays the 
> effects of my actions *DO NOT* make sense to me.
> I need documentation of the "Monitor Preferences" menu *WITH PICTURES*.

I won't be providing any assistance including pictures before I can create what
you want locally, but I won't be creating locally without possession of basic
specifications of your '17 inch VGA display' device. Is it an LCD/LED? A CRT? Is
it limited to VGA mode (640x480)? Is its native mode 1280x1024 (common among 17"
LCDs)? Is VGA mode 640x480 what you wish used (lower DPI aka display density =
bigger images and text)?

A look at Xorg.0.log would help identify display specifications if a simpler set
cannot be located. Better here than Xorg.0.log would be output from 'xrandr -q'.
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