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Re: Using 2nd monitor with Stretch and MATE desktop

On 05/09/2017 11:57 AM, Felix Miata wrote:
Richard Owlett composed on 2017-05-09 10:57 (UTC-0500):
I need basic instructions *WITH PICTURES*.
I want a full screen display on the laptop.
I want a blow-up of a portion of the display on the external display.

To get what I think you're asking for likely will require manual
configuration with scripted xrandr or /etc/X11/xorg.conf*.

I'm not afraid of the command line ;/

I know it's physically possible because I'm staring at it.
BUT can not predict what is displayed on external display.
Help please.

Properly configured, what shows up on the external display should be
controlled by moving the mouse pointer toward the part of the laptop
screen you wish to see on the VGA screen.

OK that tells me that what I want is possible.
It also suggests that what I want is a reasonable approximation of SOP.
When I adjust items in Systems->Preferences->Hardware->Displays the effects of my actions *DO NOT* make sense to me.
I need documentation of the "Monitor Preferences" menu *WITH PICTURES*.

Just for the record, in the early 60's I was a struggling engineering student considering changing my major. I consulted the university's "Testing and Guidance Center". By luck of the draw, I got the department head as my counselor. With the standard aptitude tests I scored so low on spatial relationships that I could not be found in the statistical mud when compared to engineering students. As he was department head, my counselor tossed in an extra verbal _aptitude_ test. Again compared to engineering students I was in statistical mud. This time I scored too high to be "normal". It was one of the highest he'd seen in years. It was a test of *reading* aptitude. As the head of the freshman English program would declare "Owlett can't write worth a d$@%*" ;}

Please point me to documentation I can use.

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