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Re: CUPS in stretch does NOT WORK - Ricoh printer SP112 SP112-su

> On Sat 04 Feb 2017 at 14:55:18 +0900, Mark Fletcher wrote:

>> Indulge us, and add a line to your cupsd.conf as follows:
>> Listen localhost:631
>> and restart CUPS and see what happens.
> It would solve his problem.
> There is nothing in the postinst script for cups which would replace a
> "Listen localhost:631" line. Easily tested with
>  apt-get --reinstall install cups

Are you repeatedly denying what I have repeatedly said or is it that you
just don't know and can't guess?  For the rest of the people following
the thread I can assure you that neither I or has there been anybody
"physically" that has touched this pc and omitted this line.
I have no idea whether the update from jessie to stretch would replace
this file, I assume it is not the same as the packages are different so
the conf I suspect it might be different, I don't know.  That would put
this change within the past 2-3 weeks.

Unless I read specific instructions form a reliable source to edit a
conf. file I don't go about messing with them, I know that much.

So for me the puzzle remains, for Brian the explanation maybe I
sleepwalk and change things unconsciously.

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