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Re: on-demand mounting of filesystems via Systemd (e.g. /backup)

On 20/04/16 20:44, John L. Ries wrote:
Thanks! I think we need to share more examples on how to use systemd
properly. A lot of the criticism stems from the simple fact that people
just need to learn what the new tools can do for them.

That would be an indication that systemd is non-intuitive and poorly
documented, which has been my impression for the past several years.

Approximately all interfaces for humans to control computers (and absolutely all interfaces that involve using typical computer human input devices like keyboards, mice, etc.) are non-intuitive, so saying "systemd is non-intuitive" is meaningless for all practical purposes.

What *is* fair to say is that some people find that they already had acceptable solutions to all the problems they have which systemd is intended to solve, and therefore - quite justifiably! - have no desire to learn a new set of interfaces for solving those problems. I - and indeed most systemd proponents - have no quarrel with those people.

Some of the people who are in that position proceed to generalize their own distaste for, and lack of need for, systemd into a claim that systemd cannot possibly be solving any problems for anyone. A few of them go further still, and proceed to agitate for Angra Mainyu to be depicted with Lennart Poettering's face.

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