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Re: on-demand mounting of filesystems via Systemd (e.g. /backup)

Jonathan Dowland:
> I just wrote a blog post about how to use Systemd to configure mount-on-demand
> filesystems, e.g. /backup (in my case). This was triggered by recent news in
> the UK that a major hosting provider had deleted all their customer VMs by
> accident by issuing something like "rm -rf" - but they *also* got all their
> backups because their backup volume was mounted too.

That was a marketing hoax (which I didn't even find really credible
because Linux' rm doesn't operate recursively on / without the option
--no-preserve-root for some years now).

> Anyway, in the past I've read some useful tips for using Systemd on this
> list, so here's the blog post should it be of any interest:
> https://jmtd.net/log/mount_on_demand_backups/

Thanks! I think we need to share more examples on how to use systemd
properly. A lot of the criticism stems from the simple fact that people
just need to learn what the new tools can do for them.

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