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Re: Changing Window Title in Putty

You definitely confused me, and I'm still not entirely sure what you want. But you can set the window title for a PuTTY session and keep it from changing in the manner I described in my initial response. I assume you have a different PuTTY profile for each server to which you connect, so there should be no difficulty in customizing each to get the desired behavior.

Regardless, your settings on each server are only relevant to window titles if you want the server to control them instead of your terminal emulator; and in that case, it would be helpful to know such gory details as what shell you're running on the server, and what you actually want displayed locally.

I assume you're discussing windows on your local desktop, in which case, .screenrc is irrelevant (that only governs screen sessions).

On April 10, 2016 7:25:06 AM MDT, Aero Maxx <aero.maxx.d@gmail.com> wrote:

On 10/04/2016 14:13, Andrew McGlashan wrote:
You see I had to change the /etc/screenrc file and turn the hardstatus
line to show that I was in a screen.
Well, you did ask specifically about putty and the solution would do
what is needed for putty. In which case, it wouldn't matter what the
/etc/screen settings are.

Ok well perhaps that was some confusion there as I merely meant that I
was using putty, but the window title would appear in other programs
also, not just putty.

I think your getting confused as what I want to do has nothing to do
with putty.
"Changing Window Title in Putty" -- subject line?

As I can also use terminal on my Apple Mac and it also shows the window
title different on the two servers which I am comparing, so if one shows
it how I want and the other one does not, and the putty client or
whatever client has the configurations identically for each server, then
the only thing that must be different is the server itself surely, as
they have both been configured the same do you follow me ?
Yes, I follow.

The other thing you can do is adjust the PS1 / PS2 lines on the
terminal. That won't involve putty or screen settings....


I've played about with the PS1 line, I wasn't aware of a PS2 line,

I've done as much as I am able to on my own through trial and error.

This is what appear on fedora
[screen 0: user@localhost:~]

This is what appears on debian 8
[screen 0: bash] user@localhost:~

See the difference? i'd like the debian 8 one to be the same as the
fedora one if at all possible.
I guess this is merely a file change somewhere but I am unable to find
what I need to change to get it to be the same.

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