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Re: Changing Window Title in Putty

On 10/04/2016 09:14, Andrew McGlashan wrote:
The first thing I do with Putty is adjust the "default settings" to my
liking, save it and then use that as a base for new entries for each
server that I need to connect to; I save each server's settings.

That lends itself well to giving each saved session it's own window
title in the manner that you've been given.  It's the perfect answer for


Actually it's not.

You see I had to change the /etc/screenrc file and turn the hardstatus line to show that I was in a screen.

I think your getting confused as what I want to do has nothing to do with putty.

As I can also use terminal on my Apple Mac and it also shows the window title different on the two servers which I am comparing, so if one shows it how I want and the other one does not, and the putty client or whatever client has the configurations identically for each server, then the only thing that must be different is the server itself surely, as they have both been configured the same do you follow me ?

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