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Re: Changing Window Title in Putty

I may be misunderstanding you but:

1.  Load the session configuration.
2. Select Terminal/Features. Check "Disable remote-controlled window title changing". 3. Select Window/Behavior. Fill in the Window title as seems good to you.
4.  Go back to Session.  Click on the Save button.

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On Saturday 2016-04-09 07:29, Aero Maxx wrote:

Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2016 07:29:17
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Subject: Changing Window Title in Putty
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Hi Everyone,

I am currently running 2 servers on my home network the main one being a fedora server, and the other being a debian server.

I'm wanting to change the fedora server to run debian instead, but using the other server to try it out and have it set up the same.

I think I am almost there, but I am finding it difficult to work out how to change the window tile.

I've editted the /etc/screenrc file, and turned on the hardstatus. I've also changed the hardstatus string to "[screen %n%?: %t%?] %h".

That has sort of done half of what I was wanting in that is now shows [screen 0: bash] in the title bar so I am able to see that I am in a screen, as sometimes I forget.

When I am not in a screen the window title shows user@localhost:~ I'd like this to be able to replace bash with this as this is how it appears on fedora.

I have played around with the .bashrc file in /home/user/.bashrc and have managed to get the window title to now be "[screen 0: bash] user@localhost:~" in the window title.

I guess this is ok, but I would be interested to know how to replace bash in the title bar still as am unsure where this is coming from.


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