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Re: What Package?

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 12:06 AM Adam Wilson <moxalt@riseup.net> wrote:

There's more there, and I can't really be bothered to go on.

Thanks, that is the first time I have seen the whole story pulled together in one place.

Clearly an alternative to Flash is desirable -- I wonder if we are really there yet. HTML5 implementation in for example iceweasel in Jessie, as well as what I have in Google Chrome on my Android tablet, seems a bit basic -- can't for example make the video full-screen as there doesn't seem to be a screen gadget to do that. Maybe this is a specific player on a specific site, but I thought the idea behind HTML5 was to standardise such things? Maybe there's a key combination but how does one know that? And stability seems to be a problem, I've seen a couple of videos that don't play all the way through with an HTML5 player but switch to Flash and it works...

I'd like to see the back of Flash, for all the reasons you've cited, but it seems you have to _really_ care to make the compromises necessary to do that right now.

Anyway, we've wandered away from the topic a little now, which is my fault, so apologies for that.


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