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Re: AP support for wl driver

On 21/12/15 13:01, Himanshu Shekhar wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 1:58 AM, Stuart Longland
> <stuartl@longlandclan.id.au <mailto:stuartl@longlandclan.id.au>> wrote:
>     I've never tried HostAP with this particular device.
> Please make a try once. We would be pleased to have your experiences. I
> would suggest to use the hotspotd program (depends on hostapd, dnsmasq).
> It's the simplest I've known, but not in Debian repos. A Google search
> would pop it up. 

Well, the machine runs Gentoo, not Debian.  Most of my personal machines
run Gentoo Linux.

Machines I support for my workplace either run Ubuntu or, more recently,

>     I don't blame the 'b43' developers for this.  They have done an
>     excellent job to get it working to the level they have.  Their work has
>     been almost entirely the result of clean-room reverse engineering.
>     It shouldn't be that way though.
> I understand the pain for a proprietary software manufacturer to spend
> time and money on a free project with no monetary return.
> However, one should not make a software that locks the capabilities of
> the hardware, making the device function in a non-appreciable manner.

Tell that to those who make the 'wl' driver.  None of us replying to
this thread are responsible in any way shape or form for the features,
or lack thereof, of the 'wl' driver.

>     Himanshu, if your chip is supported by one of the drivers listed here:
>     https://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers.  If one of those is
>     compatible, then you've got a chance.
> Yup! That's the 'wl' driver. I've been using it right from the first day
> I installed Debian.

Nope.  Look again, 'wl' isn't listed on that page.

> I downloaded the Windows driver, but ndis suports drivers made for
> Windows XP only.
> Walking through the Windows driver made me discover multiple ".hex"
> files with no idea on how to use them.

Yeah, ndiswrapper oddly enough was Broadcom's "officially supported"
driver for Linux.  i.e. if someone asked, they'd tell people to use
their Windows driver with ndiswrapper.

This, amongst other things, is why I do not support Broadcom for WiFi chips.
Stuart Longland (aka Redhatter, VK4MSL)

I haven't lost my mind...
  ...it's backed up on a tape somewhere.

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