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no mouse cursor unless manual X config 'Option "HWCursor" "off"' in Jessie

Fresh Jessie installation about a week ago, TDE added last night. Normally
using startx rather than any DM, but DM when used, has no pointer either..
Mouse could be used to select and click, but no way to tell where pointer was
until it hovered something that changes on hover. Same problem in IceWM. I
have other machines that use this same Intel 945G/ICH7 chipset, so it's hard
to imagine why this is needed here but not elsewhere, nor in openSUSE
13.1/KDE4 nor openSUSE Leap/IceWM nor Mageia 5/KDE4 on same machine. I've
never before on any post-XFree86 installation needed to turn off HWCursor.
Naturally as the problem is same in IceWM, this must be a Jessie problem, not
a TDE or hardware problem. Any ideas on how to eliminate need for disabling
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