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Re: no response from listmaster [SOLVED]

On 2015-12-13 17:18:32 GMT, I wrote:

> My address (skdeb@syrano.acb.uc.edu) has been unsubscribed from the
> debian-user mailing list.  I understand why.  I took the address down for a
> few days for reasons that are now irrelevant (but can be related if anyone
> cares).  Because mails from lists.debian.org were bouncing, they unsubscribed
> me.  A note from listmaster@lists.debian.org on Dec 8 notified me of this and
> said, "You are welcome to contact us".  I wrote to that address twice (Dec 8
> and 9).  The mails were not returned to me; I have received no response; and
> I'm still unsubscribed.

I have now been able to resubscribe.  What I did was to stop routing my mail
through my employer's main router.  I believe that was the source of the
bounces from improper processing of validation tags.  Dodging that router let
me succeed in replying to confirm my subscription.

I began relaying through this router ten years ago because a different
recipient didn't like my originating IP.  If that's now busted again, I'll
work through it.

Thank you very much to all of you who posted or wrote with helpful and useful

On Mon, 14 Dec 2015 10:25:15 +0100, <tomas@tuxteam.de> wrote:

> Another thing: don't be impatient with the Debian listmasters. They're
> doing volunteer work. They deserve our appreciation. And if things
> don't work as they should, perhaps offering our hand is better than
> venting our ire.

I agree with all of this.  I have tried hard to just state the facts I know
and not suggest any sort of misbehavior.  I have (sporadically) benefitted
from this group many times over the past nine years, and it's a major reason
I've stuck with Debian.  I have also (less often) contributed a solution or
two when I was able.

Thanks again.

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