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Re: no response from listmaster

For reference, the default timeout in the current release of mailman is 30 seconds.


I believe DSA are responsible for the list server.

- Lee Fuller

On Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 01:41:46PM +0000, Lee Fuller wrote:
​Hey there,

I checked your email address using basic telnet and a measurement tool.

I identified the likely physicality of your mailbox to be Cincinnati, and the
server connecting to you in these measurements is in Texas.

I ran the test in a handful of arrangements but I repeated the general routine
enough times intentionally to discount causes of likely performance

In both tests it is clear that an SMTP transaction takes as long as 10 seconds to conclude, and that is using plaintext SMTP without actually having
transferred anything more than a formal greeting of machines.

I doubt a list server of this size is configured to wait anywhere near 10
seconds before considering an address unreachable.

RFC 5321, section lists the various timesouts that an SMTP client SHOULD employ (noting that they MUST be per-command, not on the whole transaction). They include:
* Time to Initial 220 message: 5 minutes
* Response to MAIL or RCPT command: 5 minutes
* Waiting for "354 Start Input" after issueing "DATA": 3 minutes
* Waiting for next command from server: 5 minutes

So, any client that disconnects after waiting only 10 seconds is, while not explicitly spammy, at least poorly behaved.

That's probably the cause of your issues as you describe them.

- Lee Fuller

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