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Re: A stop job is running for...

Am 02.12.2015 um 18:58 schrieb Jape Person:
> On 12/02/2015 12:17 PM, Michael Biebl wrote:
>> In case you run into such a situation again, where a service is blocking
>> the shutdown you can of course just use force and pull the plug or use
>> sysrq b.
>> But there is a nicer alternative: just hit ctrl+alt+del quickly 7 times.
>> systemd then will initiate a forced shutdown. See [1].


> Do you think it's better just force the shutdown than to rummage around
> in the service unit files? I'm loath to edit system configuration files
> unless it's to configure something like smartmontools or some such --
> you know, something that is more ordinarily edited in order to get it to
> do some specific job.
> I guess that argument could apply to service units, but I'm not used to
> this stuff, yet.

In your case it seems to happen much more often, that the service does
not shutdown in a timely manner. So this should actually be investigated

My remark regarding using a forced shutdown via ctrl+alt+-del is only
supposed to be a fix for very rare cases.

I also wouldn't consider it a proper fix to simply decrease the shutdown
timeout of the affected service. That's a hack at best.


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