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Re: Unable to install nVidia driver on Debian 6 LTS - was - Re: How to boot without GUI

On Sun, 14 Jun 2015 14:37:47 +0800
Bret Busby <bret.busby@gmail.com> wrote:
> IIn running Synaptic, and searching on the string nvidia, to find what
> nvidia drivers are installed (as I do not know how else to find that
> information, in Debian 6), I found the following two packages
> installed;
> "
> xserver-xorg-video-nouveau
> X.Org X server -- Nouveau display driver (experimental)
> Version: 1:0.0.15+git20100329+7858345-5
> "
> and
> "
> xserver-xorg-video-nv
> X.Org X server -- NV display driver
> Version: 1:2.1.17-3
> "
> So, I will try to install them, on the system with the GEForce GT750M,
> and find what happens.

Check that they support your GPU at all first, sometimes it takes a
little time for the open source drivers to implement support for the
latest models. nVidia is really bad at releasing documentation that is
needed by the nouveau developers.

Other than that, I was under the impression that you had already tried
them and had to use the proprietary drivers. You may have much better
luck with nouveau.


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