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Re: no root file system after encryption

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> The bathtub curve also applies for software systems, in practice.  When
> you aim for realiability, you need to consider the general maintenance
> state of the underlying kernel code (bitrot that crept in as other parts
> of the kernel changed and evolved, general increase in how brittle the
> code is due to accumulated maintenance, how much testing and attention
> from developers it still gets, etc), not just filesystem features.
> In that sense, ext2 is not nearly as good a choice as it once was.  A
> newly created ext3 with default parameters (yes, that means it gets a
> journal -- that's how it gets most use and most testing) is a better bet
> nowadays as far as present and future reliability goes.

Those are valid points.  However I think you have discredited ext2
much too soon.  It is still widely used.  I think it unlikely that
serious bugs would not get noticed.  On the contrary I think it is
widely used enough that bugs would be quickly noticed.  Plus I rather
think that because ext2 isn't glamorous that the code isn't getting
creeping features added and that is a reason it remains stable.


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