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Re: no root file system after encryption

On 05/05/2015 10:34 AM, Juha Heinanen wrote:
Here are the steps I made.
Detect disk results in screen where the disk that I try to partition
shows pri/log 15.8 GB FREE SPACE.

I will assume you have a 16 GB drive with no other partitions.

I select it and on the next screen, I select Create a new partition.
This is going to be /boot and I set the size to 16MB and select primary.
On Partition settings screen, I choose Use as Ext2, Mount point /boot, and
Bootable flag on.  Then I choose Done setting up the partition.

That is much too small. The Wheezy machine I'm typing on has 512 MB for /boot (~18 MB used). Why ext2? I use ext4.

Next I select to automatically partition the remaining free space that
results in two logical partitions 15.1 GB ext4 mount point / and 693.1
MB swap.

Don't select automatic -- do everything manually. You want to create a second primary partition at the beginning for swap (I allocate 512 MB), use it as physical volume for encryption, with a random encryption key. Then create a third primary partition at the beginning for root (I allocate 13.4 GB), use it as a physical volume for encryption, with passphrase encryption key. Then configure the encrypted volumes. sda2_crypt will end up as swap. Then configure sda3_crypt as as root.


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