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Re: no root file system after encryption

David Christensen wrote:
> Juha Heinanen wrote:
> > On Partition settings screen, I choose Use as Ext2, Mount point /boot, and
> > Bootable flag on.  Then I choose Done setting up the partition.
> Why ext2?  I use ext4.

I always use and recommend ext2 for /boot.  It avoids wasting space in
the ext3/ext4 journal that isn't needed on such a small and seldom
modified partition.  Also fsck speed for a small 512M ext2 is very
fast without needing a journal to speed it up.  For /boot ext2 is a
good choice.  It is fully supported everywhere for rescue boot media.

Of course now that we have large disks and can easily allocate 512M to
/boot without significantly reducing the remainder of the disk this
hardly matters.  Basically we are overflowing with disk space and
therefore need not be as efficient with it these days.  Wasting some
space with ext3/ext4 has become a very small matter.


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