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Re: no root file system after encryption

Here are the steps I made.

Detect disk results in screen where the disk that I try to partition
shows pri/log 15.8 GB FREE SPACE.

I select it and on the next screen, I select Create a new partition.
This is going to be /boot and I set the size to 16MB and select primary.
On Partition settings screen, I choose Use as Ext2, Mount point /boot, and
Bootable flag on.  Then I choose Done setting up the partition.

Next I select to automatically partition the remaining free space that
results in two logical partitions 15.1 GB ext4 mount point / and 693.1
MB swap.

Next I choose Configure encrypted volumes and get a screen that tells
that before encrypted volumes can be configured, current partitioning
scheme has to be written to disk.  I then go ahead and select yes to
write the changes to disk.

After writing is done, I get screen that has two entries: Create
encrypted volumes and Finish.  I choose the first and on next screen
select the ext4 device and swap device to encrypt.  Then I get screen
that shows partition settings of the ext4 partition.  Mount point is /
as it should.  I choose the defaults except not to erase data and then
Done with setting up the partition.

Then I do the same with the swap partition and after that I again get
the screen that has two choices: Create encrypted volumes and Finish.
Now I choose the latter and get screens that ask for encryption password
for both of the encrypted partitions.

After that I get again the main Partition disk screen.  It now shows
three partitions:

#1 primary 14.7 MB   ext2     /boot
#5 logical 15.1 GB   crypto   (sdc5_crypt)
#6 logical 693.1 MB  crypto   (sdc5_crypt)

Then I select Finish partitioning and write changes to disk. That
results in red screen complaining No root file system Please correct
this from the partitioning menu.

What went wrong?  Why the root mount point disappeared? Why didn't the
process tell me earlier that something is wrong?  Or is it so that the
installer is broken?

-- Juha

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