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Re: boot-time messages, /init touch not found

The Wanderer wrote:
>Ric Moore wrote:
>> Sorry I missed it, but what version of Debian does this occur on??
> My system, which does not have the problem, is on current testing -
> dist-upgraded just this afternoon.
> songbird is at least running initramfs-tools from testing (it's the same
> version as I have), but what the rest of the affected system is at I
> don't know.

  most of what i'm running is from testing/unstable
and the kernel i just upgraded to is from experimental...


  i've tried going back in initramfs-tools versions to
see if that affects anything, but it doesn't.

  lsinitramfs -l does show what you would expect, so i'm
guessing something changed along the ways and the documents
haven't caught up with that change yet.

  since the system boots i'm not worried...  :)


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