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Re: boot-time messages, /init touch not found

Mike Kupfer wrote:
> The Wanderer wrote:
>> If that doesn't help, then I'd advise that you expand the initramfs /
>> initrd file from under /boot into an empty directory, and see what it
>> contains. It may very well be missing either bin/touch or some related
>> thing.
> Indeed, it's missing bin/touch.  Thanks for the detailed directions.

  yes, thanks!  i hadn't the time to get back to this,
but i'm glad you could figure it out.  (i see your
bug report in systemd on fsck so will track that)

  how did you expand the initramfs?  i tried the
command given and didn't get it to work and so set
it aside until i could read further docs today.

  i meant to reply last night saying that the 401: was 
likely a line number from init, but got sidetracked...


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