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Re: Can't send mail with Jessie

On 20150421_1137-0500, John J. Boyer wrote:
> I am using msmtp to send mail. However, I get the error "Remote protocol 
> errot." The log file shows ""TLS handshake filed. Operation timed out." 
> There is no problem on an older Vinux system, which I am using to send 
> this message. The author of msmtp tells me that the problem is most 
> likely with the new version of the gnuTLS library that Jessie uses. If 
> this is the case the same problem would occur with exim4 or nullmailer. 
> Is there a way to get the older version of gnuTLS and protect it from 
> updating? What else would you suggest?
> Thanks,

If you see this reply, msmtp is working for me in Jessie.
Paul E Condon           

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