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Re: Debian 7 and external monitors and graphics adaptors

Quoting Bret Busby (bret.busby@gmail.com):
> The computers upon which I run Debian 6, have only 16 GB of RAM, and,

Lucky you. 2GB here.

> expecially with Debian 6 not having adequate memory management (as
> previously mentioned, memory swapping does not work effectively), so,

Eh? Squeeze ran quite happily for me with a Klamath Pentium II on an
Atlanta mobo with 384MB of RAM. What on earth *are* you running?

> A well written web site, does not need the malware that is javascript.

I'm not sure why you want to press people's buttons all the time with
this (and worse) language. Does it help you with your video driver?


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