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Re: wheezy drive recognition?

On Thursday 16 April 2015 16:01:31 David Christensen wrote:
> On 04/16/2015 11:19 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > ... I discovered the atom based box for <$300 which are
> > great for a one stop solution for the machinery controls.  So this
> > phenom box was my last real build, 8 years (nominally) ago.
> Please tell us about your Atom box(es).  (I've been eyeballing the
> D2500CC for IPCop.)

They were the Intel D525MW boards, in a box made by ARK, a subsidiary of 
Intel.  Running an RTAI patched kernel, wit hyperthreading disabled an a 
kernel argument of "isolcpus=1", the IRQ latency is about 2 u-s at the 
halfway mark on the bell curve.
> What machinery?

Cnc, aka Computer Numerically Controlled, for metal or wood cutting 
machinery, lathes or milling machines, I have one of each.>

> > Switch it for a router running dd.wrt.
> I'd love to, but my Netgear FVS318G isn't supported.
> > I could probably bring in the lappy from the shop, it has mint 14 on
> > it at the moment.  Bring it in and get an email agent working so I
> > am not exactly 100% locked out of help on the net. Some house
> > cleaning is in order to make room for it. Which I should probably
> > get to already...
> My ~1997 laptop has enough power to do simple desktop stuff, but not
> much more.  I'm starting to realize this is a good thing, because it
> forces me to do my experiments on other machines.  So, the laptop
> stays simple and working.

I am of that same opinion, as long as the battery doesn't explode I'm 
fine.  That OEM battery is now north of a decade old so I fully expect 
the in-cord psu will upchuck trying to charge it one of these fine days.

> > You then maintain your own local mirrors of the repos you need?
> I set up a 5 GB HTTP proxy and hosts entry in IPCop, and added a line
> to /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/70debconf in each machine:
>      Acquire::http::Proxy "http://proxy:8080";;
> > Using amanda here, which has the bare metal recovery covered.
> > Small drive is relative, it will be a 1T Seagate thats about a year
> > old. This time I envision that 1T as a boot drive, the 2T as /home &
> > /opt, and temporarily another 1T for amanda. That drive is at about
> > 65% of capacity now & also has the shop machines included in its
> > disklist. But that drive now has >50,000 hours on it, so will likely
> > be replaced by the 2nd 2T I just bought, in due time of course.
> So, 1 laptop, 1 desktop, 2 @ 1 TB drives (1 newer, 1 older), and 2 @ 2
> TB drives (both new)?  I assume the laptop has a HDD?

100Gigs.  Hasn't sneezed (yet).

> Do you know if the laptop or the desktop machine can use a USB flash
> drive as the system drive?  My 945 chipset and newer machines can do
> this.  It is one of the best cheap Linux tricks I've ever discovered. 

With limited life of the flash, linux filesystems are hell on flash.

> I use the SanDisk Ultra Fit 16 GB USB 3.0, ($10.57 on Amazon), and
> they perform at least as well as small 7200 RPM HDD's; even on USB 2.0
> ports.

My old Asus board does not support that AFAIK.
> I would recommend:
> 1.  Do a fresh install of Wheezy (!) with your favorite graphical
> desktop on the laptop, and move into that as your personal
> workstation.
> 2.  Get a small system drive for the Phenom box, do a fresh install of
> Wheezy (!) with or without X/ window manager/ graphical desktop, use
> the newer 1 TB drive for data, set up file serving (NFS, Samba,
> whatever), use the older 1 TB drive for Amanda, and use the 2 TB
> drives for copies of the Amanda archives (at least one off-site at all
> times).

If I need an offsite, that event will probably coincide with my demise.
At 80, I am well aware that waking up in the morning is an excuse to 
celebrate.  ;-)

> 3.  Buy or build a machine you can mess with (Jessie, whatever), and
> leave the other two alone.
> 4.  Consider building another Wheezy box for Amanda.

At this late date, I think the one box does it all is ok.  The wife will 
probably crawl under the desk and power down the room by pulling line  
cords when I am gone.  And has no interest in learning the technical 
stuff.  So if I am not here, its all moot.

> David

Cheers David, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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