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Re: Is gnome-core *really* the gnome minimal install?

On 2015-04-14 03:20, Patrick Bartek wrote:
The rule mounts and unmounts flash drives -- just plug and unplug -- and
cards (any type using an external card or multi-card reader.  The
caveat is: you must plug the card in first, then plug the reader in.
Unmount by unplugging reader with the card still in it, then remove the
card. Doesn't work with internal multi-card readers.  Probably not with
single internal readers either.  For that you need a daemon like
udisks-daemon set to poll each card slot of the reader.

What advantages do you see with adding your own udev rule compared to simply starting a ConsoleKit session?

exec ck-launch-session dbus-launch <your-wm>

instead of

exec <your-wm>

-- August

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