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Is gnome-core *really* the gnome minimal install?

Hi all.

According to documentations, gnome-core package is considered to be the very
minimal gnome installation in Debian.  But in my personal experience it is not
so.  Just after installing Debian, I installed gnome-core just to have the
minimal gnome installation.  Then I noticed that totem, the video player, was
also installed even though I hadn't.  Since I use mplayer, I did `aptitude
purge totem' and was surprised to see that gnome-core depended on totem, so
that removing totem would also remove gnome-core.  I did so, and now gnome
desktop environment, even without gnome-core package, seems to work well.  So I
ask to myself what gnome minimal install should really be.  I have Sid.

Thanks for any help,


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