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Re: Is gnome-core *really* the gnome minimal install?

[I'm hoping this isn't a duplicate post, but my first
attempt was rejected by bendel.debian.org as forged.]

Quoting Rodolfo Medina (rodolfo.medina@gmail.com):
> According to documentations, gnome-core package is considered to be the very
> minimal gnome installation in Debian.  But in my personal experience it is not
> so.

Which documentation? Without seeing it, we can't tell whether the doc
is well-worded or not.

> Just after installing Debian, I installed gnome-core just to have the
> minimal gnome installation.  Then I noticed that totem, the video player, was
> also installed even though I hadn't.  Since I use mplayer, I did `aptitude
> purge totem' and was surprised to see that gnome-core depended on totem, so
> that removing totem would also remove gnome-core.  I did so, and now gnome
> desktop environment, even without gnome-core package, seems to work well.  So I
> ask to myself what gnome minimal install should really be.  I have Sid.

gnome-core is a metapackage, so all it does is pull in all the
packages that depend on it. Looking at that list, that seems to give you
a selection of software that covers what one might expect to see in a
desktop environment.

Removing it should cause no problems at all. It contains three files:


The first documents how to file a bug against gnome when you don't
know which component is the cause. Of relevance here is the last paragraph:

"If you don’t like one of the packages that are depended upon and prefer
that we drop the dependency or depend on another one that is not related
to GNOME, please don’t bother filing the bug. Metapackages are not a
supermarket. We try to make a selection that is suitable for most
people; if you don’t like it, you are welcome to make your own."


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