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Re: Is gnome-core *really* the gnome minimal install?

On 4/12/2015 11:19 AM, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
Hi all.

According to documentations, gnome-core package is considered to be the very
minimal gnome installation in Debian.  But in my personal experience it is not
so.  Just after installing Debian, I installed gnome-core just to have the
minimal gnome installation.  Then I noticed that totem, the video player, was
also installed even though I hadn't.  Since I use mplayer, I did `aptitude
purge totem' and was surprised to see that gnome-core depended on totem, so
that removing totem would also remove gnome-core.  I did so, and now gnome
desktop environment, even without gnome-core package, seems to work well.  So I
ask to myself what gnome minimal install should really be.  I have Sid.

Thanks for any help,


That wording doesn't really compute in my brain, but I guess you could take it that if it is the only package that provides 'a' minimal install in Debian that would make it 'the' minimal install of Gnome
in Debian.

The package description doesn't say minimal or minimum it says...

"It contains the official “core” modules of the GNOME desktop."

In the context of being a metapackage to install the gnome desktop I would expect many people would consider applications to view/play images, documents, and media to be likely candidates of a minimal install. A messaging application seems like a less likely application, but that goes
back to what the Gnome developers consider core.

Later, Seeker

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