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Ibus/Anthy - not able to change input method

Since a couple of days I have a problem with ibus (and anthy): I
am not able to switch input methods; if I press the shortcut keys nothing
happens, even though in the "Preferences" panel of Ibus "Anthy-Japanese"
is present.

I killed the daemon and reinvoked it with `ibus-daemon -v` to check what was
wrong. The verbose output is pretty laconic; upon pressing the shortcut
keys to change input methods, this is displayed:

    (ibus-daemon:4954): IBUS-WARNING **: 15:38:45. 67609: Set context engine failed: Timeout was reached

I am running Debian wheezy and apart for an apt-get update/upgrade every few
days I haven't installed anything.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

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