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Re: Book questions

On Thu, 09 Apr 2015 23:00:46 +1000
Alexis <flexibeast@gmail.com> wrote:

> Petter Adsen <petter@synth.no> writes:
> > For a long time I've been meaning to learn more about regular 
> > expressions, and I found the following books: "Mastering Regular 
> > Expressions" and "Sed & awk", both from O'Reilly. Does anyone 
> > have any experience with these, and an opinion as to which I 
> > should start with?
> i have the former, and highly recommend it. :-) i've not read the 
> latter, so can't comment on it.

Thanks, I guess both are worth reading, as sed is something I
definitely should be more familiar with.

> > I also found the K&R book, "The UNIX Programming Environment" by 
> > Kernighan and Pike, and "UNIX Systems Programming for SVR4" from 
> > O'Reilly. Since I want to learn C I know I need to read the 
> > first of these, but I was wondering how the other two are, if 
> > anyone here has read them.
> i have a copy of "The UNIX Programming Environment". i have in no 
> way read it cover-to-cover, but some comments i can make on it 
> are:
> * i feel it's useful for cultivating the classic Unix 'toolkit' 
>   mindset, 
>   where one connects various programs in various ways to produce 
>   certain results.

Bonus point.

> * Being published in 1984, it discusses "/the/ shell" instead of 
>   "a 
>   shell", and thus doesn't cover the differences between the 
>   various shells now available, e.g. bash vs. zsh vs. fish 
>   vs. dash etc.

Well, that could be a good thing, as I could probably find good
shell-specific documentation online later.

> * The "Document Preparation" chapter feels somewhat esoteric given 
>   our 
>   current context of things like LaTeX, Pandoc, Scribus and so on.

Yes, I just had a look at it, it seems it focuses on writing man
pages. I have other books on LaTeX anyhow.

> > Also, are there other books I might want to supplement these 
> > with?
> i guess it depends on what other specific areas you're interested 
> in .... i have a copy of O'Reilly's tome "Unix Power Tools", and 
> still regularly find it very useful.

I'm mostly interested in getting a good foundation in C programming,
but generic UNIX tools/shell books that are good are always useful. I
find learning is easier from an actual book than electronic text, but I
must confess I haven't really tried reading books on my iThing. The K&R
book was available, though, so I might buy that just to try it. I'll
put "Unix Power Tools" on my shopping list - thanks :)


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