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RE: Book questions

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From: Petter Adsen [mailto:petter@synth.no] 
Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2015 5:15 AM
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Subject: Book questions

This might be a little off-topic, as it is not Debian-specific, but I hope
those here with experience will bear with me.

I was rummaging through a bunch of books I was given when I did some work
for a book distributor, and found a few things that might be interesting.

For a long time I've been meaning to learn more about regular expressions,
and I found the following books: "Mastering Regular Expressions" and "Sed &
awk", both from O'Reilly. Does anyone have any experience with these, and an
opinion as to which I should start with?

I also found the K&R book, "The UNIX Programming Environment" by Kernighan
and Pike, and "UNIX Systems Programming for SVR4" from O'Reilly. Since I
want to learn C I know I need to read the first of these, but I was
wondering how the other two are, if anyone here has read them.

Also, are there other books I might want to supplement these with? I found
two Linux-specific books as well, but they are really old. One of them comes
with a CD of Slackware from 1996. :)

Any advice would be much appreciated :)

If you really want to start at the beginning with C, the appropriate book
IMO is The C Programming Language, also by Kernighan and Richie, the
"inventors" thereof

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