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Help filing bug report. Segfault in network-manager importing .ovpn files


I got this email from the Debian bugs page. I'm only testing Jessie in a VM while considering moving back from Arch Linux on an older desktop machine. I run Wheezy headless on my VPS but that's it. I came across a consistent bug in Jessie in (I believe) network-manager while importing .ovpn (VPN config) files.

In the MATE, XFCE and Cinnamon DEs if one installs network-manager-openvpn-gnome (and its dependencies including openvpn, network-manager-openvpn) and then tries to import a config file through the GUI, it segfaults and the GUI disappears every single time.

Apr  8 15:37:01 localhost kernel: [  838.015221] nm-connection-e[5613]: segfault at 1119140 ip 0000000001119140 sp 00007ffc20e619c8 error 15
Apr  8 16:10:21 localhost kernel: [ 2835.298354] nm-connection-e[6114]: segfault at e37990 ip 0000000000e37990 sp 00007ffc17743f38 error 15

Curiously if one does the same in Gnome3 it works perfectly. KDE is worst of all however, in that it reports the import successfully (rather than segfaulting) and even goes as far as confirming a successful connection to the VPN. However in reality no connection took place, the routing table is unchanged, and there is no tun interface. This could be very dangerous for vulnerable users in oppressive regimes who are relying on the GUI to tell them they're safe from snooping.

I don't know how to report this properly, but it seems too important to ignore and hope someone else finds. The only reported bug concerning this type of behaviour was filed and 'resolved' in 2013.

Please advise, I'm an intermediate GNU/Linux user but new to the Debian way and bug filing. I really want to help but don't know how to even begin. I no longer have a Jessie image installed (I needed it to work with OpenVPN through a GUI). Thanks. :)

Lee Yates

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